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Who is Colin Ebsworth?

Many in the Australian comedy community regard Colin Ebsworth as one the most prolific young acts in Australian comedy. Starting standup at 17 he has been performing around the country for almost a decade and has a terrific reputation as an excitingly diverse, unique and dynamic performer.


Standup comedy is my jam.

He's been featured on the ABC as a Raw Comedy National Finalist and received nominations for Best Local Comedy (2013) and Outstanding Comedy (2015) at the Perth Fringe Festival. He regularly performs across the country with opening night performances at W.A's only dedicated comedy venue "The Comedy Lounge" and has showcased at festivals such as "Disconnect" (2016), "Fremantle Beerfest" (2014, 2015 & 2017), Falls Festival (2018) and featured headline at W.A's own Rottofest Comedy Festival (2015).


I also do comedy writing

Colin holds the record for the only act in Australia to write and perform two new hours of standup in a single year garnering award nominations and back to back sellout runs at the same festival (Perth Fringe 2015). On top of this he is the only comic in the country and potentially the world to write all the material for an entire lineup of comedians in a 2 hour comedy showcase night (as a dare - 2016).