Comedy Writing

Let's team up and write together to give your audience a bigger laugh.

Spark your best ideas by writing together

The best jokes are sparked by others' wit, feedback and ideas.

My best material is 100% yours to keep

I give away my best jokes, because I don't care who delivers it, as long as it gets people laughing.

I can help you with...

Punching Up Your Script

Let's turn that rough concept into a polished gem ready for stage, screen or radio.

Writing Your Speech

Don't want to settle for middle of the road wedding toasts or corporate presentations?

On-Stage Tips

Everything from microphone technique to how to get every word as funny as possible.

Brainstorming Ideas

Have an idea for something no one's ever done but don't quite know how to do it?

Testing Your Material

Have on the spot feedback either one on one or at performance spaces to get your new found funny to it's absolute best.

Comedy Biz Coaching

How to put together a comedy packet, write a sketch or the A-Z of writing standup.

How Does it Work?

One on one workshops give you the most bang for your creative buck and allow for the flexibility to meet any an all schedules. Simply book a time and bring an idea and we can get to the fun part of turning your idea's into creative gold.


Colin helped me turn my wedding speech into something memorable!

Jim Hallahan

I highly recommend Colin, his one on one punch up session was highly valuable

Helen Hay

Colin helped me refine my standup comedy material before my national tour. The process was very organic.

Fred Smith